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For sloped commercial roofs, standing seam metal roofing can provide energy efficiency, high levels of protection from the elements, versatility, and precise fit for each unique roof section.

commercial metal roof

There are many benefits a business would enjoy from metal roof. They are low maintenance, extremely durable, and able to stand any weather conditions. Metal roofs are versatile, available in a large array of colors, and present a modern, sleek design with contemporary looks. And they could last up to 50 years, which makes them a very good investment!

As with all specialty roofing materials, installation is only as good as the abilities of the installers. That is why Strath Haven Roofing and Restoration has dedicated teams who have the special skills and knowledge necessary to install and repair commercial roofs. These experienced professionals enable us to guarantee you the best results for a durable metal roof for your business. 

commercial flat roof installation
metal seam specialty commercial roofing - Villanova, PA

Have a flat roof that needs attention? Call Strath Haven Roofing and Restoration at 610.328.2007 for a free inspection.

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